Creating Warmth: Tea

It’s cold out. Staying warm can be hard. Maybe you don’t have much time to cook. But it’s cold. Time for a warm beverage. Coffee is great, it has caffeine. Hot chocolate is wonderful. But this post is about tea. Tea is great for warming your hands and your cold, dead heart.

Believe it or not, I wasn’t always a tea lover. I passively drank tea until I was in graduate school in Ontario. A couple of friends were really into tea. They started me off at the tea store chain David’ Tea (not all their tea is vegan, but some blends are). After a while I was developing a taste for all kinds of tea. I prefer loose leaf tea (and I also love all the adorable tea accessories out there for loose leaf tea).

Since the theme is creating warmth I also decided to bake a bit. Baking makes the house smell great and it can help warm things up when the temperature dips.



Berry and lavender scones from Vegan Brunch. I think they pair nicely with an Earl Grey.



No baked goodies here, but this is one of my favorite teas. Apocalytpica is one of my favorite bands, and when they toured in September I was finally able to try one of the teas that had only been available in the European store. I decided on Bittersweet because it was an oolong green blend and oolong is my favorite variety of tea. Luckily, Bittersweet is now available for sale at their online store for North America. I also love my Shakespeare mug and my first cute tea infuser.


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