TV Dinner

When I was a kid we were only allowed to eat in front of the TV at Sleepovers and during the Super Bowl. I still remember eating some of those microwaved meals with the plastic film when things were busy and my parents wanted something quick and easy for all of us. Mom would often let us pick one when we tagged along to the grocery store with her.

As an adult I sometimes eat in front of the TV a bit more, but living with a 45lb fluff ball of a dog makes it challenging. I’m not a big fan of the microwave meals available for vegans, though there are a few good ones out there. Sometimes, you just want something easy to fix, then you want to come home, throw on your pajamas and watch your guilty pleasure.

For me the easy is take out. There’s a nice Chinese place about 2 miles down the road from my apartment. It’s actually the place we’ve been going since I was a child. Mr. Lu’s doesn’t have a lot of vegan options, but the ones they have are decent and cheap. Plus, there’s a beer growler place next door now. So I can grab a growler and enjoy a nice beer with my dinner and TV.

The most healthful option is the Bean Curd Home-style. It’s tofu, veggies, and a savory sauce. It comes with rice and is a hearty meal. One order will usually feed me for 2 meals (and I have a pretty big appetite).


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