Biscuit Head: Greenville, SC

I love breakfast and brunch. One of the things I haven’t eaten since becoming vegan is a biscuit. This is strange, in part because I’m Southern and a biscuit covered with jam was one of my favorite breakfasts to grab before going vegan. A quick google search for vegan breakfast Greenville popped up with Biscuit Head.

I learned a lot at biscuit head. Including, that Cat Head Biscuits are slang for biscuits the size of a cat head (the restaurant is covered with cat stuff and the table numbers are adorable pictures of cats). Biscuit Head is another restaurant that started out in Asheville, NC and ended up expanding to Greenville.

Anyways, they have a biscuit offering that is vegan and gluten free. I’m not gluten free, but it was my option. It wasn’t as fluffy or traditional as a normal biscuit, but the vegan/gluten free biscuit was still tasty and reminded of one of the foods I’ve missed most.

One of the most magical thing about Biscuit Head is the jam bar (which included vegan butter as one of the offerings). I sampled a lot of jams on the jam bar (because it’s what I do best). My favorite was the Bananas Foster Jam (it was good enough I purchased a jar to bring home!).

Another magical thing about Biscuit Head is that they have vegan gravy options. My partner ordered one of those: coconut sweet potato gravy. I’ve never been a fan of biscuits and gravy. I was strictly a jam girl; however, the sweet potato coconut gravy was so amazing it converted me. I would eat that gravy on anything!


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