Swad Indian Cuisine: Greenville, SC

I finally got to take a small vacation! My special person wanted to go to a concert in Greenville, SC, so we took a couple of days off to to. We were surprised at all the amazing food options in the area.

Our first night we looked up reviews and decided to try Swad Indian food. It’s a vegetarian restaurant with plenty of vegan options. It was so good we ate there again!

The first time we ordered an appetizer and entrees off the main menu. The appetizer was one of the best bits of food I’ve eaten in a long time. Our appetizer was lentils, fried noodles, and potatoes on a cracker.The entree (baked eggplant didn’t disappoint either).

The second trip we each order the Thali. I got the vegan option (which was really mainly the same, I just got a crispy lentil cracker instead of yogurt sauce. I actually preferred that!). We also ordered the sweet bread dessert. It was so good.

If you’re ever in Greenville, SC I HIGHLY recommend this place.


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