White Duck Taco: Greenville, SC

Before going to the concert we needed a nice meal. Tacos are always a great option. My special person and I love trying different taco shops. White Duck Taco started in Asheville, NC, but recently opened up shop in Greenville, SC as well.

I ordered 2 banh mi tacos and a peach sangria. The peach sangria was a nice drink; though, like most sangrias, it would have been nicer in the summer. The banh me tacos were a bit of a disappointment. The tofu was raw. It had an amazing sauce and the other aspects of the taco were wonderful. However, one of the thinks I love about banh mis the the contrast of warm substance with cool condiments (okay, maybe I’m odd).

After getting tacos we decided to pop into the brewery next door: Birds Fly South Ale Project. I ordered a pint of their coffee stout. It was really good. Maybe we should have just stopped the tacos and had beer for dinner…


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