Hoisin Mustard Lettuce Wraps

Today’s prompt was to make a salad, but sometimes eating salad gives me tummy troubles. This is especially true if it’s much bigger than a side salad. I do enjoy salad, but I think a lot of raw green cause the problems. However, I can eat raw greens in small amounts and it’s easier to digest if there’s a lot of cooked food with them.

Enter the lettuce wrap. They’re basically a salad taco, right? I’ve been stressed with work and pressed for time recently, so I made the Hoisin Mustard Lettuce Wraps from Appetite for Reduction. Without any side dishes the lettuce wraps make a nice dinner for 2 hungry adults. We did alter the recipe a bit. We added a lot of extra red pepper flakes and about 1.5 tsp. of chili oil when making the sauce for the recipe. We also used hearts of romaine instead off iceberg lettuce, because it’s what we had on hand.


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